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Yesterday, when I received word that the former Secretary of Defense and U.S. Congressman from Wyoming was complaining of chest pains I thought that it was possible that he would finally shut the hell up and go either into a full retirement or maybe even into the Great Beyond. I was wrong.

HEADLINE: Dick Cheney Has a Heart (attack)!

I know it's a matter of public record that this is not the first time, and that by extension it stands to reason that he does have a heart. It's a conscience that he lacks. This pillar of the Military Industrial Complex. I have on many occasions publicly stated that this man is a war profiteer who, when he was part of the previous administration, drummed up a war to make a profit off of. I have also publicly stated that I firmly believe that the previous administration supposedly headed up by the former Governor of Texas seized power in a bloodless coup, and retained power by rigging the election of 2004. I know that many patriotic Americans feel the same way.

I also know that many Americans who feel that they are patriots as well feel that the previous administration was in place legally. Convincing arguments can be made for both points of view, but the Republicans are wrong.

If the U.S. election of 2000 happened in a banana republic in the Caribbean, we would have not recognized it and sent in the Marines.

Imagine the only district that is contested that also puts a man in power is governed by that man's younger brother. Continue with the fact that the country's Supreme Court, a body who's function is to define the murkier aspects of law, and that those precedents are to be law for time immemorial, and that in this case, and only this case, their ruling is a one-time deal. Add to that, five of the nine members of the Supreme Court were installed by the family and political allies of the man running for office. You can bet the Marines would be entering that country within a few weeks. It's been done before.

Imagine once again, that this regime was allowed to remain, but was put on a watch list as a nation that engaged in military adventurism, and that their next election was also contested. In this case, the province that swung another extremely close election, had among its residents a well-heeled businessman who's business it was to manufacture and program voting machines, and that this businessman was repeatedly on the record that he would do whatever he could to keep the reigning regime in power. Not only that, but that within his province the only place that had problems with his product was in districts that heavily favored the opposition. You can bet the Marines would go in then.

I think it's easy to see where I'm going with this.

And now, because he had his fifth heart attack the human side of me is supposed to feel sorry, to give him some slack. This man who has embraced torture, this man who has spent his life making a great deal of money as a businessman who profits off of war and unrest, and while acting as Vice President in a questionable regime helped award no-bid contracts to a company he used to run and has a huge amount of stock in.

I don't feel sorry. It was a 'minor episode' and he was filled with cheer, having lunch and talking with his family and friends. He's fine. He's living to endorse torture another day.
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